Organization of the Journal
The Annual Survey has approximately 100 members, including a 17-member editorial board, approximately 33 third-year Articles Editors, and about 50 second-year Staff Editors. Staff Editors perform significant editorial work, screen article submissions, check articles for substantive accuracy and writing style, and proofread pieces at various stages of the journal production process. In addition, every journal member is encouraged to write an article of publishable quality. The Annual Survey gives all of its members an excellent chance of seeing their work in print through its five-year presumption of publishability for current and former staff members.

There is no required “Annual Survey format,” and we do not have a preferred ideological slant or subject matter. Instead, we seek well-written, critical analyses of any topic in contemporary American law. Additionally, we ensure the quality of student contributions by assisting staff members in selecting topics, developing arguments, and editing drafts of their Notes.

Selection Criteria
The Annual Survey participates in the annual journal writing competition (more detailed information can be found here). Admission to the Annual Survey is based on a combination of: writing competition performance, first year grades, resume, and a personal statement of no more than 500 words. Each of the components (writing competition performance, first year grades, resume, and personal statement) plays a significant role in determining admission.

Writing competition grades are based on criteria including, but not limited to, accuracy of citations, novelty of ideas, writing style, clarity of writing, and grammar.

The Annual Survey is committed to selecting a talented group of staff editors that reflects a broad range of backgrounds, experiences, and interests. Applicants should use the personal statement to discuss anything they feel may be relevant to our selection process including aspects of their personal identity; their experience with writing, research or editorial work; or particular interest in the Annual Survey.

Note Writing Program
Students who accept offers to join the Annual Survey may then apply to participate in our Note Writing Program. Students who believe they are especially interested in participating in the Note Writing Program are encouraged (but not required) to identify that interest very briefly in their personal statements. This expression will not have a bearing on whether Annual Survey extends an offer to join the staff; it will serve only to assist us in planning.



For updated information on the next round of the writing competition, please contact the NYU Law Office of Student Affairs or visit the Journal Competition website.

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