About Us

Founded in 1942, the New York University Annual Survey of American Law is a student-edited journal at New York University School of Law. The Annual Survey is NYU’s second-oldest legal journal and was originally compiled by NYU faculty members as a comprehensive annual reference to developments in American law. Now a quarterly publication, the Annual Survey continues its dedication to exploring contemporary legal developments in the United States from a practice-oriented perspective. Annual Survey articles analyze emerging legal trends, interpret significant recent court decisions and legislation, and explain leading legal scholars’ and judges’ perspectives on current legal topics. The journal is widely distributed throughout the world, giving lawyers both inside and outside the United States insight into American law and legal issues.

Second year law students serve on the journal as Staff Editors, while third year students serve as either Articles Editors or in various board positions. The journal offers its members numerous benefits, including a presumption of publishability, networking opportunities with alumni, and more. Additionally, Staff Editors have the opportunity to contribute to the overall direction of the journal by serving on one of our many committees. For their work, Articles Editors receive 1 credit and members of the board receive 2 credits in their third year of law school. Here you will find more specific information about the various responsibilities and opportunities for members of our journal.

If you have any questions about journal membership, please email Editor-in-Chief Daniel Ishak at dri2008@nyu.edu.