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Regulation Before Condemnation: Reworking the Airbnb Ban in New York City
Daniel Sperling
Cite as 2017 ASAL F. 1

This Essay examines the history behind tenant protection laws in New York City in three major areas of tenant protection laws: affordability, habitability, and fairness for tenants and landlords alike. This Essay then analyzes Airbnb opponents and their arguments in favor of banning the use of Airbnb. By juxtaposing the public policy behind the tenant protection laws and the arguments against the use of Airbnb, this Essay shows that the Airbnb ban was an inappropriate solution to address the historical and larger public policy issues behind tenant protections in New York City. Finally, the Essay levies some suggestions for proper regulation of Airbnb rentals that would address the concerns of Airbnb opponents while also still maintaining the longstanding public policy goals of tenant protection laws.

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