Volume 69, Issue 3

“Criminal Justice in the Age of DNA”
Symposium held at the New York University School of Law
February 22, 2013

Full issue available here


Regulating DNA Laboratories: The New Gold Standard?
Paul C. Giannelli
Cite as 69 N.Y.U. Ann. Surv. Am. L. 617 (2014)

Shadow Dwellers: The Underregulated World of State and Local DNA Databases
Stephen Mercer & Jessica Gabel
Cite as 69 N.Y.U. Ann. Surv. Am. L. 639 (2014)

Analyzing the Southern District of New York’s Amended “Related Cases” Rule: The Process for Challenging Nonrandom Case Assignment Remains Inadequate
Katherine Macfarlane
Cite as 69 N.Y.U. Ann. Surv. Am. L. 699 (2014)


Probing the Process: Should Agency Investigations Preclude Plaintiffs from Access to a Judicial Remedy?
Yael Tzipori
Cite as 69 N.Y.U. Ann. Surv. Am. L. 721 (2014)

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